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The Road to Sport Sponsorship Success Post Covid-19



Clodagh Gibson


Account Manager


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There is no doubt the sport sponsorship industry in Ireland and around the world has been hit hard during the Covid-19 pandemic. With no live sport, we find ourselves in unprecedented times that we must overcome in order to move forward post Covid-19.

Now is the time when sponsors and rights holders must come together and work through these challenging times in order to be stronger come the end of the current pandemic. Extending sponsorship contracts for a year is an idea that has been floated around the sport sponsorship world in recent months. At no extra cost, it means the sponsor can plan for the future, the additional year, and that anything that happens in 2020 is viewed as a bonus. Be it any benefits, virtual activations or digital marketing leverage.

It is also very beneficial to start putting a digital marketing plan in place to introduce asap. The main focus of the plan is to be fully implemented post Covid-19. Currently, everybody seems to be utilising their assets or specific industry knowledge to provide digital content for those remaining at home. It is providing real value to rights holders and sponsors in challenging times and will continue to provide such benefits post Covid-19.

The demand and interest for live sport is at an all-time high throughout Ireland. This provides a huge platform for even further brand awareness for sponsors once live sport reconvenes. Knowing this provides sponsors with a great opportunity that they can capitalise on and really see their sponsorship blossom.

To conclude, times are very challenging for all industries in Ireland but here’s to looking at life after Covid-19. Sport will return and therefore sport sponsorships will flourish once again. For the moment, we have to utilise what we have at our disposal and stay patient for better times ahead.

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