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The Power of Video: Seoid na Trá



Jonathan Moore


Digital Marketing Executive


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A common client question we have been asked is: How important is video marketing for businesses? From recent research conducted, it was found that 53% of users engage with a brand online after seeing a related social media video. Further to this, 72% of online users prefer to learn about a brand via video. Video Marketing on social media in 2019 has proven to be an extremely effective approach for businesses of all sizes in all industries.

At Ripple Marketing, we understand the importance of keeping up to date with consumer trends and not only reaching our target audience in the right places, but with the correct types of content.

With Seoid na Trá, a new property development in Bettystown, we saw the true power of video come to fruition with three creative videos we developed as part of our digital marketing strategy in the build up to their latest phase launch earlier this year. As video marketing for realtors is a relatively new avenue waiting to be explored, we saw this as a gap to take advantage of the benefits of video marketing on social media.


Using Facebook, Instagram and YouTube advertising, we developed and implemented a highly creative digital marketing strategy, utilising the three videos we created for Seoid na Trá. Using highly targeted audiences, we maximised our cost per click to drive website traffic and brand awareness in the early stages of this new developments release.

With video being our main form of content, we were able to connect with our target audience on a more personal level and improve brand recognition. Due to Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm rewarding video content, we were also able to reach more of our target audience for less, as users view video 5 times more than static posts on Facebook alone.

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