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SSE Airtricity Train Like Ireland Event



Harry Connelly


Senior Account Executive


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An extremely busy October Bank Holiday weekend for Ripple Marketing culminated in a very unique and once in a lifetime opportunity for 11 children from across the country.

Through the SSE Rewards platform, 11 children won the opportunity to experience what it is like to be a Republic of Ireland player for the day and the Ripple Team were on hand to bring it all to life.

SSE Airtricity and Ripple Marketing have been partners for over 10 years and we have worked across all their sponsorships throughout this time. When sponsorship activating events such as ‘Train like Ireland’ run so smoothly, it has a lot to do with our partnership approach and relationship with the stakeholders, the Football Association of Ireland (FAI) in this instance.

For this event we wanted to recreate a day in the life of a Republic of Ireland footballer whilst in training camp. From as soon as the winners arrived, we wanted to create an unforgettable experience for them and their families. This all began with an overnight stay in the Republic of Ireland hotel, the Castleknock Hotel.

Then the event day was upon us. The Ripple Sponsorship team had organised goody bags for all winners which were organised to be left in each room upon arrival. Then it was over to the Ripple Events team who spent weeks planning the event and each component to ensure a memorable event for all 11 children.

Following on from a traditional day as a Republic of Ireland player in camp, the Ripple Events team organised a private breakfast for all winners and families, a private Team Bus from the hotel to the FAI HQ return for a training session with FAI qualified coaches.

The kids had their own personalised Republic of Ireland kits waiting for them upon arrival in the dressing room and the session began. The Ripple Sponsorship team had worked closely with the FAI and had organised the star of the show, Mick McCarthy, to come and train the winners and present them with their very own ‘Train like Ireland’ certificates.

All footage was captured on the day and the event will go down as, in their own words, ‘the best day ever’ for those 11 children. The families certainly enjoyed themselves also.

Another successful event for SSE Airtricity and Ripple Marketing.

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