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SSE Airtricity Protect Our Planet Weekend



Harry Connelly


Senior Account Executive


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SSE Airtricity is Ireland’s largest provider of 100% green energy and we are delighted to be looking after their brand sponsorships in partnership with their Sponsorship and Marketing team. SSE Airtricity is also the Official Sustainability Partner to Dublin Zoo and has been since 2017. It’s always a pleasure to help bring this partnership to life by working closely with SSE Airtricity and Dublin Zoo.

Since the partnership began, we’ve organised and managed two events per year in Dublin Zoo that highlight the importance of sustainability in everyday life. We create a family friendly event that is not only fun for kids of all ages, but educational at the same time. The first of 2019’s events took place earlier this summer. This year’s events took a more focused approach to sustainability and placed emphasis on climate change, which inspired the event name of ‘Protect Our Planet Weekends’.

The objective of this event was to educate children and parents on the perils of climate change, and importance of sustainability and biodiversity.

We set-up a family fun event within the grounds of Dublin Zoo, along with a mixture of fun props, soft play games, educational props, and our event stage. We also managed a face painting station where children could get their favourite animals painted on their face.A DJ also played animal themed songs to keep the atmosphere going over the entire weekend. See our images for the full fun set-up.

In addition to this full event set-up, we organised and managed 13 staff members who acted as ‘Eco Explorers’ to educate zoo goers all around Dublin Zoo. We provided them with costumes to suit the character. The Eco Explorers were located at the main entrance, at the 10 sustainability stations dotted around Dublin Zoo on the‘Eco Explorer Trail’ (which families can enjoy through a free smartphone app), and at Haughton House. Each staff member was fully briefed for the day and played a key part in the visitor experience.

Our branding team worked closely with Dublin Zoo and SSE Airtricity in the lead up to these events. We fully brand the Eco Explorer Trail and Haughton House and produced and installed a child friendly photo op where kids and families could get their photo taken. This was perfectly located at the front entrance so it was visible to all visitors. This photo op and branding really increased brand awareness over the weekend and we’re looking forward to utilising it again at the next event in August.

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