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SSE Airtricity League Premier Division Presentation



Harry Connelly


Senior Account Executive


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Trophy Presentation for SSE Airtricity

SSE Airtricity have been proud sponsors of the SSE Airtricity League for 10 years now, with Ripple Marketing maximising their sponsorship since day one.

The conclusion of a long SSE Airtricity League season always ends with the Premier Division Trophy presentation. From analysing the league table all season and keeping in constant contact with the FAI, a date is agreed for the presentation. This is obviously dependent on the winning team but will always take place after a match towards the end of the season.

The presentation day is always a joyous occasion for all players, coaches and staff associated with the winning club. At Ripple Sponsorship, we acknowledge this and try and perform our duties as seamlessly as possible so all the limelight is on those who deserve it.

The time has come and we set the SSE Airtricity League presentation stage up, get our pyrotechnics in place, set our photographer up for the perfect shot and have the champagne on ice.

Upon the trophy lift, what culminates is an extremely powerful and heavily used picture which increases brand awareness and brand association for our client, SSE Airtricity.

We look forward to next year already!

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