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Seoid na Trá Launch Recap



Harry Connelly


Senior Account Executive

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Carroll Estates – Marketing Partners

Our marketing partners in Carroll Estates Dublin ltd. recently launched Seoid na Trá, a new housing development in the stunning seaside destination of Bettystown Co. Meath.

Working with Carroll Estates, we developed a digital marketing campaign which covered all aspects of paid social media advertising and paid Google advertising. This campaign was designed to maximise traffic to the already constructed Seoid na Trá website (which was designed and constructed by Ripple Marketing), and raise awareness of the new development launch date.

We utilised targeted Google display ads, Facebook and Instagram advertising, and Google search ads as part of our campaign. This was crucial to building an interest audience who wanted to view Seoid na Trá.

Prior to the launch weekend, we also ran an email marketing campaign to complement the social media and Google advertising campaigns. Potential purchases were emailed relevant and concise information to help drive sales and increase footfall at the launch weekend.

A swell as working closely on the digital marketing campaign, we worked closely with Carroll Estates and Kelly’s Auctioneers to make the launch weekend a success. We ensured Seoid na Trá looked its best for all of the potential purchasers visiting the site over the launch weekend – this included designing and producing site signage which was on display across the estate. Through our team’s experience and expertise in product launches, we were able to maximise the impact of the aesthetics for all attending.

The launch of Seoid na Trá was an enjoyable and successful project which offered a great opportunity for our team to demonstrate their experience, expertise and energy by developing and delivering a bespoke campaign for our marketing partners.

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