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Niall Mc Dermott


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To coincide with our new rebrand from JGA to Ripple Marketing, we needed a new fresh web presence to best showcase what we do. We opted for a custom design approach to give us complete control over UX and design without limits of template based systems like Wordpress.

After research and development, we set about designing an easy to use, clean web experience that would maximize conversion rates.

The website was to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining maximum functionality.

After meeting as a team to discuss requirements and work out he content that best illustrates where we are at, we set pen to paper and worked out the wireframes of the site.

Some early sketches

Once we were happy with the functionality and the layout we got into the nitty gritty of building the site from scratch, being sure to maintain the look and feel of the rebrand and adhering to the newly established brand guidelines that had already been successfully implemented across our various media and communications. We wanted the site to be a portfolio piece in itself that would take advantage of superior SEO and page loading speeds.


With this in mind, everything had to be optimized and fine tuned for each device that may be viewing the website. We are happy with our high score for page loading speeds on Google Insights. As we know, users don’t like hanging around too long for a page to load so we were keen to keep the bounce rate to a minimum. We will continue to improve our website as we go but 94 is not bad at all.

For the home page we developed an animation to emphasize the ripple effect of our brand. It’s serves a purpose to catch the users attention, when they initially arrive on our website and cement our core concept of 'Feel the Effect'.

This ripple motif has even found it's way to our new mugs :)

A reminder of why we do, what we do when we have a cuppa.

Another requirement of the site is to allow easy updates by any member of our team so we implemented an excellent content management system for blog posts and general website updates. We update content regularly to keep things fresh.

On the backend, we added Zapier functionality to forms to minimize manual admin. There are many ways of using automation to speed up your processes in ways you may not think of. Get in touch for more info on how we can help your workflows and processes.

Taking a mobile first approach to design is very popular these days and we incorporated this also but without any sacrifice to the Desktop and tablet experiences. We encourage you to check out our site and feel free to let us know what you think via our contact page. Watch this space for updates.

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