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How The Events Industry Is Adapting to Covid-19



Harry Connelly


Senior Account Executive


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As of now, we can all acknowledge the effects of Covid-19 on almost every industry across the globe. Uncertain times brings change and, in some cases, for the better. Of course, live events are a distant memory at this stage and the date of resumption in Ireland is still uncertain.However, the current scenario has opened up opportunities which may have never been explored. These are just some ways how the Events Industry in Ireland are adapting to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Taking the time to ‘go virtual’ has opened many doors for the event planners and producers. It poses more questions of‘how’ but we are slowly adapting to the current environment and are really looking forward to the challenge. From exploring the virtual events world, it is not all that different from planning an in-person event but it is certainly a positive new string to our bow. It allows us, in the events industry, to keep offering our clients value even in the face of adversity.

Perhaps drive in cinemas, drive-in festivals and concerts will be the new norm. We have seen this in Germany, where people have attended a concert drive-in cinema style. You can find out more about that here.

Communication within the events industry is becoming more prevalent also. Industry leaders are willing to share their experiences and insights and make them much more accessible due to the new virtual wave of communication. Virtual group meetings, webinars and online sharing of helpful content have become the new norm. The industry, in Ireland and worldwide, are really pulling together through constant communication and the incurring benefits will be noticeable post Covid-19.

At the moment, the state of play can look challenging without any real tangible end date. However, the adaptation thus far in the events industry shows promise and a real sense of togetherness to come out the other side better equipped than ever before.

If you have an event affected by Covid-19 and would like some assistance from the Ripple Events management team, then please get in touch on (0)1 450 9932 or

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