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It’s always a pleasure to partner with Fingal County Council and provide digital marketing and PR services for the wonderful Flavours of Fingal. Over the years, Flavours of Fingal has become a family experience that can’t be missed and every year we relish the chance to bring our expertise to the table.

We began our full-scale digital marketing campaign two months before the event to allow us strategically maximise exposure and attendance. Balancing all the ingredients needed to bring out Fingal’s flavours was an exciting challenge and one that allowed us to get our creative juices flowing! By mixing a media partnership activation with a pinch of PR and a splash of sponsorship commitments, we managed to cook up a delicious digital dish worthy of a great festival like Flavours of Fingal!

As Flavours of Fingal goes from strength to strength each year, so does the service and offerings we provide. This year we took a hands-on approach orchestrating a full PR strategy for the festival, which included a creative photoshoot and activating a media partnership.

The result? Newbridge House welcomed thousands of visitors for a weekend packed with family fun and Fingal County Council celebrated one of its biggest events in recent memory.

This all lead to:

- 26% account growth

- 200,000+ video views

- Over 1.9 million people reached

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