Ripple merge with MSS Group

At Ripple, we are delighted to announce our merge with the talented and well-known MSS Group. As with almost every company in Ireland; Ripple has faced lots of changes, progress and achievements in all aspects of the business so we are excited to kick off 2022 with this new chapter in our journey. 

 The reasoning behind our decision to merge is very simple: To become BIGGER and BETTER. With the overall goal of bringing more service offerings to our current and future clients, we’re confident that this merge will help us create a wider scope for the kind of projects we can undertake as an agency. Along with growing our offering we have the pleasure in welcoming 4 new experts to Ripple who will help us craft an even more powerful team.  

Martin Smith - Director at Ripple Marketing
The Power Of Merging

Research has shown since Covid-19 has begun that most businesses have had to adapt themselves in line with the online marketplace, and make inroads into profit making from there. As a Marketing Agency, we saw that as an opportunity to expand and bring more services, resources, and talent in order to give our clients what they deserve: RESULTS = PROFIT  

Merging a company has the power of reaching different industries, exchanging ideas, and bringing the best results from a highly driven team. As a result of this union, we can access a larger customer base and increase our market share.  


A successful merge would not be possible without buy in at all levels. It’s a credit to all of our team to witness the passion and energy they have brought to this new challenge.  

Although challenging, this is an exciting time for Ripple. To summarize some of the added benefits that we can now offer to our clients, here are what we see as the Top 3 Advantages of a Merger 

Digital Marketing Team - Ripple
  • Increases market share: Our team is capable and ready to give 110% of ourselves to make your business grow (we become part of your team!). Our focus is delivering the finest services and retaining our clients in a high-quality perspective.  


  • Reduces the cost of operations: One of the great benefits of merging companies is the possibility of integrating expert professionals in a unique objective. As the professionals are already in situ, the investments on assets are now spread out over a larger output which leads to technical economies. The team knows exactly how, where, and when to take action. 


  • Avoids replication: Some companies producing similar services which may merge to cut-off dealing with the competitor, avoiding any replications of the service. Ripple has a mission of delivering a unique and personalised service to each client. Our services were developed to reach all types of business, which includes: Social Strategy, Creative, Events and Sponsorship. We have the full package.  
Board of Director - Ripple Marketing

If your business is good, but you want to make it great, the time is now.  

Our merge was a big step for us which brings us on an exciting journey. We want to help you start your journey! 

Ripple, Moving Brands Forward