How Ripple Marketing can work with your business to help you avail of 50% off E-Commerce updates

Adapting to the new ways of working this year has not come without its challenges. One thing we have noticed at Ripple Marketing is that many Irish businesses are now taking the time afforded to them by the pandemic as an opportunity to stop, reassess and focus on what is important in their business. With this in mind, now could be the time to review and upgrade your key business processes. Certainly, we have seen the start to 2021is not been as jam-packed as previous quarters. In this blog, we will go through how the latest Local Enterprise Office’s grant could mean a grant to upgrade your businesses’ E-Commerce systems and push your product or service to a whole new audience online. 

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Over the past few month’s your Local Enterprise Office (have made a wide range of supports available,these supports are in place to help local businesses deal with the impact ofCovid – 19 in a really practical way. The Government National Digital Strategyhas led to a grant system, the Trading Online Voucher Scheme (https://www.localenterprise.ie/Discover-Business-Supports/Trading-Online-Voucher-Scheme-/) this is aimed at small businesses who need assistance with trading online. With this grant, Ripple Marketing can work with your business to help you avail of 50% off the cost of E-commerce updates, that will ensure your business is up to speed with trading at a time where cost minimisation is a focus for everyone.

What the Irish consumer now expects in a digital footprint of a business has grown in expectations in the last few months. Irelands E-commerce economy was valued at €12.3 billion in 2018, this is before Covid – 19. It is widely known that just 3 in every ten SME’s in Ireland are adequately equipped to facilitate sales orders or enquiries online. This lag in systems has meant that Irish customers are now looking further afield and spending their money on international brands, due to their online presence. Now with Brexit at the forefront of people minds, people are changing their habits of going straight to big international brands who now have high rates of tariffs and shipping and are now looking towards Irish retailers and service providers to step up and meet their online shopping demands.

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So, what are customers looking for when they google the particular service or goods they want? The first barrier to entry is finding the site they want. An up-to-date SEO strategy ensures that your business is there and easily found where the customer is looking. The issue is, having a website is the easy bit, but making sure customers click on your site and not a competitor is a whole different ball game. A high ranking, engaging website that is easy to use and navigate is the aim here, we breakdown any issues and make it as easy as possible for a visitor to your site to become a converted customer. We work alongside you to help with any of the following to ensure a seamless E-commerce experience for your customer:

  • Developing or upgrading an E-commerce website.
  • Implementing Online payments or booking systems
  • Developing a digital marketing strategy
  • Digital advertising campaign for a product or service
  • Content creation to promote a product online
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Developing an SEO strategy
Ripple Digital Marketing Agency, Dublin

This grant is available to all businesses, regardless of the product or service you offer. You can apply for the grant in any industry; retail, hospitality, tourism, property, accounting, construction and building, or law and many more.

It is not only for businesses who sell products on their website, we can help you generate enquiries on any service you offer. Generating a strong and competitive online leads strategy for your business.

We will walk you through the process set by step and ensure you get the full 50% off the project cost or €2,500 in grant support.

Below are the profile guidelines of businesses that can avail of this offer;

  • Limited or no e-commerce presence;
  • 10 or less employees;
  • Turnover less than €2m;
  • Applicant business must be trading for at least 6 Months**;
  • Business must be located in the area covered by the LEO to whom they make their application i.e. LEOs cannot accept applications from businesses located outside their jurisdiction.


Previous voucher recipients may apply for a second voucher. Previous voucher recipients cannot apply for a second voucher before they have submitted their final claim for their first voucher. 

**applicant business must provide clear proof of trading for a minimum of 6 months to their Local Enterprise Office

With our help, we can make significant changes and upgrades to your digital marketing strategy and E-commerce offering with the aid of this grant. We are here to walk you through the process, this includes managing the application from start to finish. Our friendly team are there to help you every step of the way Once you are approved all we would assess your business, the functionality of your website and review any currently digital marketing campaign that you are running on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram Ads, Google Ads and PPC campaigns.

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Once your grant is approved, we would work on your brief and confirming your specific KPI’s. We pride ourselves on creating bespoke websites and campaigns. 

Our 4-step process would include:

  • Evaluate and review your competition in your industry
  • Review your current content including product lists and services and how these are displayed.
  • Define your target consumer and build your target audience
  • Create your E-commerce strategy including your current goals and KPI’s as a business

You can see some of our previous work here:

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If you have any questions on how to save 50% on any E-commerce updates or trading online marketing strategies, please feel free to reach out to any of the Ripple Marketing team. We would be happy to talk through any of our services and explore how we might be able to help your business with this grant. How well are you trading online?

Contact [email protected] for any queries.