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With the launch of new homes constantly at a stop-start because of COVID-19, property clients require impactful brand strategies that engage with potential buyers across a range of digital touch points. In this article we want to show how as a Digital Marketing agency we work with Carroll Estates Ltd as a marketing partner to create a campaign that shows strength through these testing times.

Covid19 has not only thrown a spanner in the works for many but for construction, the entire tool bag has been left on the curb. With such uncertainty on our doorsteps our clients now more than ever rely on us to deliver what we know best. As a marketing agency in Dublin, Ripple Marketing’s latest call on from our marketing partners, Carroll Estates Ltd, was for the launch of their new prestigious housing development, Brookfield Malahide.

This was a brand-new development situated on the beautiful outskirts of Dublin. With no brand established, we, Ripple Marketing set our sights on creating something as beautiful as the setting. Because, of course, what is a successful brand if it doesn’t represent the core of what it stands for. Malahide…a thriving, affluent, seaside village situated off Dublin’s beautiful coast. You can almost smell the sea salt and freshness in the air, right? With this in mind, we put our heads together (virtually of course) and developed three initial brand concepts for the Brookfield, Malahide brand.

Ripple Marketing thoroughly researched the requirements of the new housing development and through colour and concept development, logo design and typography we created the brand that you now see as Brookfield, Malahide.

Digital Brand Developement- Ripple Marketing

Once the groundwork had been done and foundations laid, we then went on to develop a digital marketing campaign. Through in-depth discussion with our clients, Carroll Estates Ltd and the auctioneers at Noel Kelly (Kelly.ie) a clear message was developed and a digital marketing strategy put in place. Our goal with this strategy was to create a cohesive plan that could be used across every digital touchpoint and targeted towards anyone in the market for a new home.

With many housing developments built in phases, we adapted our strategy in the same manner. ‘Phase One’ the first stage of building corelates to our teaser campaign is where we introduced Brookfield, Malahide as an identity on social media, YouTube and display advertising. We designed animated Google Banner Ads that were reflective of Malahide and its surroundings. These animated ads are then turned into motion graphics that we can use across multiple platforms to maintain a consistent narrative throughout the first phase.

Our in-house designer created and developed a bespoke website based on the brand guidelines for Brookfield, Malahide. This website hosts a sign-up form where potential buyers can register their interest. There is also a function where potential buyers can get in ouch directly with the auctioneers at Kelly.ie through a contact form. A website with a function to obtain information for future sales and for potential buyers to contact the auctioneer directly is fundamental for a client such as Carroll Estates Ltd.

In Phase Two of the Brookfield, Malahide launch the brookfieldmalahide.ie website will be expanded to hold all the information that potential buyers will need on the new housing development. Comprehensive site plans will be designed along with floor plans and elevation drawings that will be unique to the Brookfield, Malahide brand. Carroll Estates Ltd has developed a one of a kind selling aspect for these houses that are to be revealed in this phase…it wouldn’t be clever marketing if we revealed all at the beginning, would it? SEO and Google Analytics will play a vital role in this website development as well as all the creative aspects. You can find out more about the website services we provide here.

In the current times, we can’t deny we are all spending a little more time on our screens than we usually do. We utilised the benefits of target marketing on social media platforms and Google Search Ads. For social media, we designed a series of teaser video campaigns that were used across Facebook and Instagram and targeted them to our specific audience. These video campaigns were structured around a tagline that Ripple Marketing developed in the brand development stage for Brookfield, Malahide. This is a strategy we have used throughout our work with Carroll Estates Ltd. You can view some of our digital video campaigns on our YouTube channel.


Email campaigns are an important component of our digital campaigns. Along with the Google Ads, social media and video teaser campaigns we launched a direct email marketing campaign for Brookfield, Malahide. The email campaigns co-inside with each phase of the launch. We are currently in stage one but with Covid19 having full control of the JCB it does not mean that our marketing effectively stops. Potential buyers still need to know what is happening and what to expect for future phases.

What we have learnt more than ever over the last year is, that not only is the comfort of our sitting rooms pretty important but the approach on how we as a marketing agency and you as a business adjust to the now. We can no longer open our doors and welcome people in. The way we approach marketing has had to change. Digital has taken precedence and perhaps, not only for the time being but for the infinite future. We can all reap its benefits. As a digital agency in Dublin, we are in our element…our cosy corner of comfort. As we watch how marketing is shifting and the devastating impact that Covid19 has had on many businesses having a digital strategy in place can ultimately help your business see through to the next chapter.

Brookfield, Malahide is set to launch into Phase Two in early May… follow the social media accounts Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on this new development and the big reveal to come!

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