Looking ahead to rebuilding the Events sector in 2021

As of now, many events have succumbed to Covid-19 in Ireland and across the world. This doesn’t prevent Ripple Events from looking forward to 2021 though. With a lot still up in the air regarding events in 2021, it will be a moving construct but we must look ahead with hope to better times within the events industry. Take a read below, how we are looking at rebuilding our physical events come the turn of the year.

When the time is right, physical, in-person events will return. We just have to plan and prepare for that moment. As a lot of annual events have been cancelled for 2020, the people involved with those events will want to return to in-person events in 2021 with a bang. As of now,let’s all just agree we will have our events sector back and thriving next year. It will make agreeing with this article a lot easier.

To rebuild the events sector in 2021, and perhaps Within the events sector, we must all have some trust. This involves trusting all suppliers, event organisers and planners and all event sponsors. Post Covid-19, people are going to have different mindsets in all aspects of life and the events industry will be no different. If people trust each other,we’re off to a great start.

Getting the correct messaging out to the public will be key. Some people will be eager to attend events and some people will not. The correct messaging, especially in terms of health and safety measures your event has in place, will be extremely important. The more physical events that get it right, the more events that will follow their lead and return.

Being flexible with your event could become the making or breaking of the Events industry. Times and dates may not be the same as previously planned in 2020 unfortunately. If this can be accepted prior to the planning phases then there will be no issues. The simple fact is that there will (hopefully) be an abundance of events in 2021, all fighting for time and attention. If we can stay flexible and work around one another then we won’t have to wait too long to see our beloved Events sector rise once again.

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We’d be happy to hear your feedback on our few tips and pointers to rebuilding such an important and affluent industry worldwide. Get in touch on (0)1 450 9932 or [email protected]