Sustainability in the Events Sector

More important now than ever before

Events can cause unnecessary waste and leave a large carbon footprint. Creating sustainable events is key to reducing this carbon footprint and in turn doing your bit for a cleaner environment. The sustainable event trend is continuing to grow, and rightly so, with no signs of stopping. Let’s take a look at some ways we have implemented more sustainable, eco-friendly events.

Firstly, when looking at ways to be more sustainable it is beneficial to look at previous events that you have ran and identify the main areas where sustainability can be achieved. This can be anything from the venue to the production and purchasing of materials.

If possible, choose a venue or location that is environmentally friendly. Some venues have sustainability policies whilst some locations are easily accessible by public transport.

Could your event go paperless? If so, this is an easy way to make a large impact. If not, there are other alternatives such as eco-friendly paper or recycled paper that you can use. Going digital with a lot of your pre-event communication will have a positive impact on the events carbon footprint.

For some of our current clients, we have introduced recycled paper and compostable alternatives. For instance, at last year’s KBC Dublin Marathon, we used recycled paper for KBC branded fan banners whilst utilising compostable cups for, our client Lucozade Sport, hydration stations.

Sustainability through clever design and marketing - Ripple Marketing dublin

Producing props or items for events can be detrimental on our environment. Therefore, try utilising sustainable materials that can be recycled or reused, that are sustainably harvested, are renewable and that are locally sourced. It is vital that materials such as non-recyclable plastics are avoided.

For our client, SSE Airtricity, we have been utilising sustainably sourced materials for all events and sponsorship activations. This is now a very important aspect of all our work alongside SSE Airtricity.

Sustainability in the Events Sector, Ripple Marketing

Working alongside SSE Airtricity and Dublin Zoo has led to increased sustainability initiatives. Over the last three years,we have installed numerous water stations around Dublin Zoo. This reduces the need for single use plastic bottles for Zoo goers. Picnic benches made from recycled plastic bottles were also installed around the Zoo for families to enjoy their lunch. Both initiatives have been extremely well accepted by Dublin Zoo and all Zoo attendees.

We also hold two family educational weekends each year in Dublin Zoo where we educate children and parents on sustainability, bio-diversity and recycling. We achieve this through the use of an interactive SSE Airtricity Eco Explorer app, sustainable props such as Bug Hotels and Bee Gardens and educational talks from Zoo keepers and experts.

These are just some ways you can make your next event more sustainable. If you have an event in mind and would like to know more of how to bring it to life sustainably, then please get in touch with our event management team on (0)1 450 9932 or [email protected].