Adapting Live Events for the Future

Let’s take a look at how a Drive-in Event could work for you

With the current restrictions on the hosting of large live events, all event organisers are keen to know how they can adapt their large live gatherings going forward. Some event professionals propose that drive-in theatres could be the solution. They could work for product launches, concerts, movie-screenings and other specific types of gatherings. We take a look at how it would work and the key points to consider.

Firstly, finding a suitable location that fits the event criteria is important. If replacing an initial event (that was cancelled due to Covid-19), then a location on/near this original location would be most suitable if this is possible.

An online booking portal will need to beset-up in advance of the event. Staggered arrival times can be given out to attendees in advance of the event to prevent any gatherings of vehicles.

If you wish to organise refreshments,special gifts, or merchandise for attendees, this can all be organised in advance and distributed on the day by staff in a safe manner.

A low frequency station will be supplied to all vehicles in attendance. This will enable all cars to listen to the movie/production/event from their own vehicles, without having to lower their windows. This also eliminates noise pollution in the local area.

Technology is now so advanced that these drive-in events can become mainstream. Everyone can be dialled into the event in terms of MC’s and guest speakers who can connect and engage with the audience.

The drive-in event allows for exciting and non-permanent branding around the site location. A wide-open space lends itself to many opportunities to create a brand presence. Areas such as the side screens, perimeter fence enclosure, digital tickets, and concessions can all be branded.

All of the above provides the event organisers and attendees the option to return to live events sooner rather than later, knowing that they are in a safe environment.

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